About Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company

Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company of Reno NV is all about the quality of the bean and the art of the roast. Our quest is to provide a unique and pleasurable coffee drinking experience and to create a daily coffee ritual that goes beyond the morning buzz.

We start with specialty Arabica beans from coffee growing regions from around the world. Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company seeks out many of our coffees for their consistent representation of the origin, and many others for their individuality and charm. Our coffees are then roasted over an oak wood fire, in a 15 kilo Italian made roaster, to my interpretation of their optimum expression.
We offer various certified coffees, the certifications are mentioned in the coffee’s description where applicable. We purposely do not limit ourselves to these certifications as many wonderful coffees would be excluded. All of our coffees are roasted to order in small batches to ensure optimum quality, freshness and flavor. Learn more about Brew Methods and our Freshness in our Coffee Education pages.
Another aspect about Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company are our wholesale purchase and fundraising opportunities.
Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company gives back locally and strongly believes that youth development and education are critical in our global society, and we work diligently to ensure that producers work to treat the growers, workers and their families fairly and with respect.