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Z Pie

Z Pie? What’s that? In downtown Reno at the West Street Market is Z Pie. An extention of the Black Bear Project which offers a home to young adults aging out of the foster care system and helping them with that transition transition.

Z Pie, is a small restaurant featuring handmade Pot Pies that gives these young adults the ability to gain real-time work experience in a customer service environment. I had the opportunity to have lunch there recently. The Chicken and Mushroom Pie that I ordered was wonderful, and the attentive and friendly service staff really made the experience. After seeing the work they were doing I decided to offer to supply the coffee to this very worthwhile cause.

You can find locally roasted “Cowboy Roast” in the Reno Z Pie. And I wish them all the success in the world.



Monday 3/26/12

Mondays here at Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company tend to be very busy, orders have accumulated over the weekend, and many of our commercial clients are starting their week as well. Dish Cafe and Cateringfor one, has been a Monday regular for over 9 years. The “Comfort Food” menu provided by Dish has been featured on the Food Channel’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Particularly featuring the Cowgirl Tritip Sandwich. Which, of course, has Wood-Fire Roasted Espresso in the rub. Happy Monday!


Coffee of the Month

This month I selected a Panamanian coffee. This one comes from just outside the famed Boquette Region. Basically, from the other side of the mountain. Panama is home to the world’s most expensive coffee. This, the La Esmerelda, Geisha does come from the Boquete region and in 2007 commanded a price of $130.00 per pound for green coffee. Currently, La Esmerelda, Geisha coffee sells for about 85.00 per pound roasted. A bit out of the reach of most coffee drinkers, but still I wanted to bring a taste of Panama to the Coffee of the Month Club.

Roaster’s Notes:

Dry Grounds: Distinct pie cherry aromas mingling with bread-like tones with nutmeg and cinnamon. (Think of baking cherry pie)

In the Cup: The aromas were more chocolate and roasted almond while the flavors tended more toward very suble pie cherry tones with a hint of honey sweetness.

Mouthfeel: This is a very simple and approchable cup with a wine-like acidity and a crisp, dry finish.



Keeping the Passion

One of the more fun aspects of coffee roasting is the constant growth, not only keeping up with trends not only in roasting styles, but also in boutique coffees. We, here at Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company, recently had a phenomenal experience that can only be attributed to this constant learning. That came from Ken Davids and Justin Johnson at www.coffeereview.com. One of our “Signature Series” coffees, the Kenya Nyeri Gichatha-ini AB scored 97 points, equalling the highest score ever given by them. Only 8 other roasters in their 15 year history have achieved that score.

Our current Signature Series coffee is from Bolivia. I had never had a Bolivian Coffee before and thought I would expand my horizons and give it a go. This is a Bolivia Illimani 8 Estrellas (8 Stars). I settled in on a city + roast stretching almost to a full-city level looking to get past the tannins in the finish while maintaining the gentle cocoa sweetness that was evident at a city roast level. The end product: Gentle, creamy cocoa tones with a sugar cane sweetness, the true joy in this coffee was the exclamation of my assistant, Melissa (Bean Faerie) “I smell rose petals!” Truly, delicate layers of flavors and aromas that deepen as the cup cools to expose vanilla, cocoa, and caramel.

It is finding gems like this and coaxing the subtle characters and nuanced flavors out of the non-descript green coffee seed that is my passion, and bringing that to our friends, my Joy.

Tim Curry


New Signature Series Coffee

We just got in a new Signature Series Coffee From Bolivia, Illimana 8 Estrellas. I am looking forward to this coffee as the initial sample batches have been fabulous. I am thinking I will have it dialed in and ready for sale by Tuesday the 2oth. I am finding a gentle Cocoa sweetness, with a delicate hint of Orange-like acidity and Cinnamon.


Hello world!


Hi, my name is Tim Curry. No, not the actor — that one has been following me around for about 35 years though. I am the owner and coffee roaster at Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company LLC.


I started this concept on a whim in 2001 — I was tired of drinking swill which seemed to be all I could find in my local Reno market.


Believe it or not, my first “Roaster” was a 3-quart sauce pan and an electric range. I do not recommend this, however, I learned a lot about the way coffee behaves and the importance of meeting “marks” in the batch roasting process. My next roaster was a simple charcoal heated drum roaster that I had built. I could roast about two pounds at a time. Yes, this one was very “low tech,” hand crank, smoke in the face and required great creativity to get it to breathe right. It was with this roaster that I began to acquire my first commercial accounts as well as some interest in Retail fresh whole bean coffee. I roasted for nearly a year and a half on this roaster learning more everyday about the need to implement rigid consistency measures. During this time I shopped for my current 15 kilo Balestra wood fired drum roaster and had my shop set up.


At this point the fun really began. I had to teach myself a new method of roasting and strive to overcome the inherent obstacles associated with wood roasting and begin to build a business.


We source only Specialty Grade, 100% Arabica coffees and roast to order as much as possible. It is rare that that we have more that 10 or 15 pounds of coffee roasted that and only keep that amount around in the event someone stops in to buy a pound or two.


Check back here at our blog often to keep informed as to the day-to-day happenings here at Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company, as well as more detailed information on Brewing, Grinding and General Coffee News as provided by myself or Melissa, the Bean Faerie.