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Coffee: How Good is it for You?

We have all been seeing it for years, one week coffee is bad for you, the next, it is good for you. In the April edition of CoffeeTalk (Top 10 Reasons Why Coffee is Good for You, Rachel Rogers) Many benefits are listed and sourced. You can follow the CoffeeTalk link for details – I will only list the benefits and the source.
1. Lowers risk for skin and breast cancer. Robert J. Davis PhD author of Coffee is Good for You.
2. Lowers risk of depression. Research results by Alberto Ascherio, MD, DrPH and the team at the Harvard School of Public Health.
3. Reduces diabetes by 50%. According to researchers ay UCLA
4. Reduces inflamation. American journal of Clinical Nutrition.
5. Increased fiber intake. The journal of Agriculturaland Food Chemestry.
6.Lowers risk of Alzheimer’s. European Journal of Nuerology
7. Human hair growth The International Journal of Dermatology.
8. Acne prevention and skin health. Barista Bath and Body performed extensive research.
9. Lowers risk of Parkinson’s. PloS Genetics.
10. Protection against cirrhosis of the liver. Journal of the American Medical Association.

For the complete article go to CoffeeTalk

Always bear in mind that for any individual there can be adverse effects in coffee and the benefits may not be there for some. Coffee is a food item and, in my opinion, should be viewed as such first. Enjoy your coffee and be mindful of the potential effects whether ad or good.