Our Freshness GuaranteeWood-Fire Roasted Coffee, of Reno NV, will always provide you high quality, extremely fresh coffee. If you are ever dissatisfied with the quality of your product, we will gladly replace it. All of our coffees are roasted and shipped within 48 hours.

Roasted coffee is a highly perishable product. It loses much of its flavor in just a matter of days and will be noticeably depleted of flavor in just two to three weeks. With this in mind, we follow these simple guidelines to ensure that the freshness of the coffee you receive from Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company.

Daily Roasting

To assure freshness, we roast daily to minimize the amount of time your coffee sits before you enjoy it. Many of our customers purchasing directly from our shop will find their beans still warm from the roaster. Now that’s fresh!


Packaging is very important in assuring freshness. We package your coffee into re-sealable containers with one-way gas valves. Since the beans release CO2, this valve is needed to release the CO2 from the bag while preventing air from getting in. Oxygen is the enemy of fresh coffee.


Exposure to oxygen, light, and moisture are all detrimental to maintaining freshness in roasted coffee. For this reason we recommend storing coffee in a cupboard out of the light. The re-sealable packaging that we use is especially designed for coffee storage. Never store coffee in the refrigerator as this will rapidly sap the freshness of the coffee. Additionally, coffee is highly odor absorbent and will pick up odors from the refrigerator.


We don’t grind your coffee because it would prevent us from upholding our Freshness Guarantee. Ground coffee will lose most of its flavor within a few days instead of a few weeks. If we grind it for you it is virtually guaranteed that your coffee will no longer be fresh after just a few days.

Your Job

To continue your coffee’s freshness for as long as possible, only grind the coffee immediately before brewing, and only grind what you need. In addition, you should consume the coffee within two weeks of purchasing. Follow these simple rules and you’ll always have a fresh, delicious cup!


Since storing, grinding and brewing are all critical to the freshness and drinking quality of your coffee, we are happy to demonstrate for you our preferred brewing techniques. Stop in for a one-on-one crash course in grinding, various brew methods and even how to taste coffee. Not to mention all the free coffee you can drink!