Set your next fundraiser apart from all the others with artisan roasted coffees from Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company LLC.

Looking for a unique product for your team or organization’s fundraiser? Almost everyone drinks coffee or knows someone who does. But, did you know that roasting makes a big difference in the flavor?

Here is how our fundraising opportunity works:

Coffees are roasted to order and packaged in 1-pound reclosable bags. We will design the label with your logo or artwork, that you provide, or use our labels. There are three coffees available for your fundraiser that can be labeled with your logo: Breakfast Blend, French Roast and Decaffeinated French Roast. The coffees will be available either whole bean or ground.

We will provide an order form with a description of the coffees and Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company LLC, along with your fundraiser group information (as provided by the group).

There are no up front costs to your fundraiser organization. Simply take orders on the provided order form, consolidate the orders onto the provided consolidation form and present your order to us. The coffee will be roasted, packaged and ready for pick up at our roasting facility within one week.

Fundraiser Pricing: your cost per unit (1 Pound) is $9.50 and you charge $14.00 per unit for a profit of $4.50 per unit.

Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company LLC is a micro-coffee roaster located in Reno, NV specializing in premium, artisan roasted coffees. Wood-roasted coffees are rare in the United States, giving your organization the opportunity to offer a very unique product for your fundraiser with an excellent dollar return for each item sold.

Tim Curry, Owner
Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company LLC