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Tasting Coffee

As a roaster I like to sample many different coffees by many different roasters just to keep up on what others are doing. recently I had an opportunity to cup many different coffees from several different roasters, side by side. This was an incredible coffee geek situation where I got to see what others were doing next to some of my coffees. A personal thanks to Matt at Magpie Coffee Roasters for inviting me to participate. This was not a blind tasting, but I must say, although there were several wonderful coffees the two that I had on the table were my favorites (I do like my style of roasting) and they also were getting much of the attention from the 15 or 20 other attendees.

I do these things to enhance my knowledge of coffee in general, see trends, and meet new people who are also passionate about the coffee precess.

I can see doing something like this for my customers in the near future.