Testimonials From our Happy Customers:

“I live and work in Reno. I buy your coffee at Whole Foods. Your
coffee was recommended by one of the women working in the coffee
bar there.

I particularly like the American Espresso. It is wonderfully
creamy as described on the package. I buy coffee for the entire
office and I have received nothing but praise for your various

Keep up the great work and great coffee.”

Jim Lahey


Best Cub Scout Fundraiser

“This was the best fundraiser, not only was the product easy to sell but the coffee tasted incredible. This was our Pack’s second time fundraising with Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee and our efforts were even more successful than the year before.”

Rachel Chipp
Pack 15
Reno, NV


“Tim has been the roaster for my company several years. Tim’s coffee is delicious and our customers notice the difference between the product we offer and our competitors from the first sip. I actually changed my espresso without saying anything to my customers from a nationally-known, award-winning roaster to Wood-Fire Roasted and many of my customers immediately noticed the change and were astounded by the improvement in flavor. I’ve never considered a different roaster since. In addition, he has been a tireless supporter of me through the phases and challenges of my business. He’s exceptional in meeting my demands, however difficult at times, and has always consistently delivered a product that we are very proud to serve. I cannot recommend him or his business highly enough.”

Sarah Toney
Hi Point Coffee and Cafe


As a local small business owner, Tim Curry understands his responsibility to give back to the community. For Many years Tim has offered one to two 4-H Camp scholarships for kids to attend camp. Tim has left the selection up to me but has indicated that it should go to a child who would otherwise not be able to attend camp.

His support has changed lives and I do not say that lightly. The youth who go to camp come back telling us that it was the “best thing ever!” None more so than the kids who couldn’t have gone without the anonymous support that Tim Curry offers. He never wants the kids to know who sponsored them but he does like to hear the testimonies from the kids.

This year, the little boy who went to camp was one of those special circumstances. He was working through his parent’s divorce, moving, settling in with a new family and trying to navigate as best as any 9 year old can the turbulent waters of parents who are still angry with each other.

When he brought his camp registration in he was beaming and so excited. That followed him all the way through camp and when I was in camp to do evaluations with the kids he sought me out to tell me that he was having so much fun and that it was his best summer and he got to learn and have fun. His life is changed and this memory will be with him always. As it will with me.

Sarah Chvilicek
Coordinator, Washoe County 4-H Youth Development Programs
University Nevada Cooperative Extension


The Eddy House is a local non-profit which helps young adults who have been in the foster system transition to independent living. The project also includes a restaurant, ZPie, to offer work experience and funding for the project.

Tim Curry has been a major supporter of The Eddy House from it’s inception. He has generously offered to supply Z-Pie with an endless supply of coffee. He helped set us up with a coffee program and personally delivers coffee each week.

Tim has also offered his support and help with our annual fundraiser which was greatly appreciated. Tim is a true gift to the Reno Community and to the Eddy House.


Lynette Eddy
Executive Director
Eddy House (Formerly The Black Bear Project)
Z-Pie Reno


Professionally, I’ve known Tim since 2003. By chance, I came across his website. I was looking for a unique roaster since I was planning to open a coffee shop. While searching for roasters, I came across many that offered intriguing coffee blends. However, none compared to the the taste of Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee.

Tim’s knowledge of his beans is exceptional. His consistency of roast is remarkable. His ability to reach out to new markets is admirable. I greatly appreciate his trust in me, as an independent proprietor of a small coffee shop which has gotten me through several bumps when income streams started to falter. Coincidentally, I began ‘shooting’ his espresso in a little kiosk at the Fred Meyers Store on Francis St. that he used to visit as a youngster growing up in North Spokane.

I have had other roasters approach me about using their beans. I have yet to find any that match the quality, price, and uniqueness of his roast in my nine years of business in the coffee industry. While there are several good roasters working the coffee market, none can compare to Tim Curry’s thoughtfulness, thoroughness and professionalism. Our professional relationship has been fun, profitable and memorable.


Elaine Rising
Owner/Barista/Book Seller/Art Dealer/Museum Curator/and anything that is needed
On Sacred Grounds Coffee, Tea and Specialty Shoppe